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Monthly Fees for All-Inclusive Living & Care

We know that part of enjoying your retirement is knowing what to expect with your monthly expenses. That’s why Treyton Oak Towers provides all-inclusive flat monthly rates for each of our senior apartment options. Our pricing varies with floor plan and level of service:

Independent Living

Just as the name implies, senior independent living at Treyton Oak Towers offers apartment living with all the comfort you need to feel truly at home, without the daily demands and worries of a house and yard.

Prices Starting at $3609/month

Memory Care

Compassionately focused and relationship driven.

Personal Care

For those who require a little help with their daily living activities, Treyton Oak Towers offers outstanding licensed personal care in our “assisted living”-style apartments.

Prices Starting at $173/day


Rehabilitation at Treyton Oak Towers is focused on helping people recover sooner. We have an advanced healthcare method in short-stay rehabilitation after a hospital stay as well as outpatient therapy for our campus residents.

Skilled Nursing

For those residents who require special attention and care, we provide a wide range of skilled services including 24-hour nursing care. Speech, physical and occupational therapy are available as well as other services your doctor may order.

Everyone at Treyton Oak Towers treats each other with respect and dignity, and we continue to talk and learn from each other’s experiences. At dinnertime, we all sit down and eat together.”