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Building Strong Bones As You Age


Staying Hydrated for Better Health -Article shared from HTS Monthly Newsletter, July 2023 As we age, several changes occur in our bones that can affect their structure, density, and overall health. It’s important to note that while these changes are common, they are not inevitable. Taking steps to improve and maintain bone health is essential for older adults to preserve their independence, prevent fractures, and enjoy a higher quality of life.   Can Therapy Help You? Physical and Occupational therapy can help individuals improve bone health. Physical therapists prescribe specific exercises that target bone health including weight-bearing exercises, [...]

Building Strong Bones As You Age2023-08-01T10:42:51-05:00

Staying Hydrated for Better Health


Staying Hydrated for Better Health -Article shared from HTS Monthly Newsletter, June 2023   Your body is made up of approximately 60% water. Water is essential for nearly every bodily function and helps regulate body temperature, lubricates joints, and aids digestion and nutrient absorption. Maintaining proper hydration is important for all ages, but is especially important for seniors. As we age, our bodies become less efficient at regulating water and electrolyte balance. This can lead to a higher risk of dehydration. Also, older adults are more vulnerable to heat exhaustion and heat stroke due to changes in the body’s [...]

Staying Hydrated for Better Health2023-06-12T09:19:36-05:00

Welcoming our New Chaplain, Steve Cavanaugh


Welcoming Our New Chaplain, Steve Cavanaugh Treyton Oak Towers would like to announce officially that we have hired a new chaplain to assist in social and spiritual services here at Treyton Oak Towers. Please join us in welcoming Steve Cavanaugh. Steve is a retired pastor of 40 years leading small and mid-sized churches. He has counseled extensively in vocational, premarital, marriage, grief, and drug and alcohol addiction. He has experience in working with seniors and their families regarding health issues, end of life decisions, and funeral arrangements. Steve has a Master of Divinity from the Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in [...]

Welcoming our New Chaplain, Steve Cavanaugh2023-04-17T11:29:39-05:00

April is National Occupational Therapy Month


April is National Occupational Therapy Month -Article shared from HTS Monthly Newsletter, April 2023 Occupational Therapists help people of all ages to live more independent and productive lives. How Can An Occupational Therapist Help?   Occupational therapists can help aging adults remain active and live well despite limitations. Some of the main benefits of participating in occupational therapy for older adults include: Improved Quality of Life Restored Function Improved Activities of Daily Living Reduced Risk for Falls Improved Self-Confidence & Happiness Increased Awareness of Safety Precautions in the Home Continued Independence

April is National Occupational Therapy Month2023-04-17T10:24:38-05:00

Outpatient Therapy for Healthy Aging


Outpatient Therapy for Healthy Aging -Article shared from HTS Monthly Newsletter, February 2023   Outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapists work together to help keep older adults living independently in their home as long as possible. Our licensed, highly skilled therapists are specialists in treating a wide range of conditions in older adults including, but not limited to: Arthritis Back, Shoulder, and Neck Pain Facial & Jaw Pain Cognitive Decline Balance Disorders Inner Ear Problems Hand Injuries & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Knee & Leg Injuries or Pain Neurological Disorders Speech Disorders Swallowing Disorders Sports-related Injuries Work-related Injuries Could I [...]

Outpatient Therapy for Healthy Aging2023-02-13T07:14:08-05:00

Taking Care of Your Heart


Taking Care of Your Heart -Article shared from HTS Monthly Newsletter, January 2023 Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and is largely preventable! There is so much you can do to take care of your aging heart and reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Sleep Well Poor sleep quality is associated with high blood pressure and cholesterol. Aim for at least 7– 8 hours of restful sleep each night to promote healing and improved brain function. Manage Weight Being overweight can cause damage to your heart and impact cholesterol, blood pressure, and [...]

Taking Care of Your Heart2023-01-16T09:58:28-05:00

Benefits of Afternoon Naps


Benefits of Afternoon Naps -Article shared from HTS Monthly Newsletter, December 2022   Daytime napping is common across many cultures and age groups. Did you know taking a short daily nap can boost your mood, energy, and memory? In fact, napping has many proven health benefits. Benefits of Napping: Reduce Stress Improve Performance Heighten Alertness Improve Mood Improve Memory Reduced Risk of Heart Disease Tips for Healthy Napping The National Sleep Foundation recommends napping for about 20 minutes. This length of time will help you recharge but not leave you feeling sleepy. After approximately 30 minutes of sleep, your [...]

Benefits of Afternoon Naps2023-01-16T09:07:00-05:00

Breathe Better With Postural Drainage Therapy


Breathe Better With Postural Drainage Therapy -Article shared from HTS Monthly Newsletter, November 2022   Mucus in the lungs is a common symptom of many chronic lung diseases. Mucus plays an essential role by trapping irritants to protect your body from infection. However, for people living with chronic lung conditions such as COPD, asthma, and chronic bronchitis – the mucus can collect in your airway in excess. Percussion and Postural Drainage Therapy can help treat breathing problems due to inflammation and mucus in the airways and lungs. Postural Drainage Therapy uses percussions, gravity, vibration, and deep breathing to loosen [...]

Breathe Better With Postural Drainage Therapy2022-11-21T17:03:15-05:00

Tips to Prevent Low Back Pain


Tips to Prevent Low Back Pain -Article shared from HTS Monthly Newsletter, October 2022 Low back pain is very common and can affect 4 out of 5 people at some time during their lives. As a person ages, lower back pain becomes even more prevalent. The lower back is involved in almost all activities of daily living like standing, walking, and lifting. Low back pain can limit many activities and reduce your quality of life. Although the causes can vary for each person; here are a few tips to prevent injury and pain.     How Therapy Can [...]

Tips to Prevent Low Back Pain2022-11-21T16:58:23-05:00

Physical Therapy Can Help You


Physical Therapy Can Help You -Article shared from HTS Monthly Newsletter, September 2022 Physical therapists work with people of all ages to feel and move better. They can help maximize your movement, manage pain, avoid surgery, manage chronic conditions and recover from and prevent injury. Here are some ways physical therapy can help you:   Manage Pain Physical therapists use a variety of treatment approaches to address the root cause of your pain and movement limitations. Physical therapy is recommended as a safe alternative to opioids for pain management. Maximize Movement Physical therapists can help you maintain [...]

Physical Therapy Can Help You2022-10-17T14:29:46-05:00
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