Feeling Tired?


Feeling Tired? -Article shared from HTS Monthly Newsletter, May 2024 As we age, it’s common to notice an increase in tiredness and a decrease in energy levels. While no one keeps the same high-energy levels as we did in childhood, there are ways to combat fatigue and maintain an active lifestyle as you age. Tips to Reduce Tiredness & Boost Energy:   Prioritize Sleep: To improve your quality of sleep, try to maintain a regular sleep schedule and a relaxing bedtime routine. Aim for seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.   Stay Active: Engage in regular exercise to [...]

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Nurses and Skilled Care Recognition


Three from the healthcare team recognized -Article shared from Louisville Business First, May 2024 At Treyton Oak Towers, the healthcare staff members demonstrate dedication to person-centered care that helps residents continue to live fully and with purpose at every age. Three top healthcare professionals were featured in the Louisville Business First edition of People on the Move. Alma Rattliff — Registered Nurse: Alma has been an invaluable member of our Healthcare Center for 14 years. As an exceptional nurse, she possesses a wealth of knowledge about every aspect of our continuing care retirement community, making her the go-to resource [...]

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Swallowing Problems?


Swallowing Problems? Speech Therapy Treatments for Dysphagia -Article shared from HTS Monthly Newsletter, April 2024 Swallowing is a complex process that involves over twenty-five muscles all working together to move food from the mouth to the stomach. For many older adults, swallowing can become a challenge. Swallowing disorders, also known as dysphagia, can greatly impact our ability to enjoy meals and stay properly hydrated. If you find eating or drinking feels hard, experience symptoms such as coughing, choking, or feeling of food being stuck – you might be dealing with dysphagia. Here are some common signs that may indicate [...]

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Keeping Bones Strong and Healthy


Keeping Bones Strong and Healthy -Article shared from HTS Monthly Newsletter, March 2024 As we get older, our bones can weaken, which might cause osteoporosis—a condition where bones become fragile and break easily. However, osteoporosis is not an inevitable part of aging. By learning more about it and taking action early, you can significantly reduce your risk of osteoporosis and keep your bones strong and healthy. Did you know? Osteoporosis is often referred to as a “silent disease” because it progresses without symptoms until a fracture occurs. Prevention Tips: Preventing osteoporosis is crucial because it is easier to maintain [...]

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Executive Director Mike Wideman to receive 2024 Louisville Business Journal Award


Executive Director Mike Wideman to receive Health Hero award William “Mike” Wideman, Executive Director/Health Administrator at Treyton Oak Towers, has received the 2024 Louisville Business Journal Health Hero Award for his exceptional leadership of the senior living community health center. The award will be presented on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, at an evening event to be held at The Olmstead in Louisville, Ky. As the health administrator of Treyton Oak Towers, Mike serves as the executive director of the various levels of health care services for the continuing care retirement community. His responsibilities are considerable and vary from each [...]

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Maintain a Healthy Back & Active Lifestyle


Maintain a Healthy Back & Active Lifestyle -Article shared from HTS Monthly Newsletter, January 2023   Your back plays a big role in your overall well-being. By protecting it, you can sleep better, feel happier, and maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle. A healthy back means you can do the things you enjoy, like going for walks, gardening, or playing with grandkids. Regular, low-impact exercises play a crucial role in maintaining the strength and flexibility of your back muscles. Activities like walking, swimming, and tai chi are excellent choices for promoting spinal health without putting excessive strain on [...]

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Stay Independent: Assistive Tools to Make Life Easier


Stay Independent: Assistive Tools to Make Life Easier -Article shared from HTS Monthly Newsletter, December 2023   As individuals age, they may encounter challenges in performing daily activities such as getting dressed, taking a bath, or navigating their homes. Assistive tools are designed to make life easier!   Occupational Therapists specialize in assisting older adults to participate in activities and maintain independence and safety. If you experience trouble with completing everyday tasks, talk with your doctor about the potential benefits of physical and occupational therapy.

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Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy


Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy -Article shared from HTS Monthly Newsletter, November 2023 Rehabilitation is an important and critical part of the recovery process. The goal of rehabilitation is to help an individual heal and achieve the highest level of independence possible. Physical Therapists (PT), Occupational Therapists (OT), and Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) all work together to help individuals overcome obstacles and accomplish normal tasks of daily living. Physical Therapy Physical Therapists help those recovering after an illness, injury, surgery, or chronic condition. Physical Therapists can help speed up the recovery process by increasing strength and endurance, improving balance and [...]

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Exercising Away Arthritis Pain in Cold Weather


Physical Therapy Helps Adults Move & Feel Better -Article shared from HTS Monthly Newsletter, October 2023 As the temperature drops and days grow shorter, individuals with arthritis often face the daunting challenge of managing symptoms in cold weather. The cold can exacerbate joint stiffness and pain, making it tempting to stay indoors and reduce physical activity. However, exercise remains a powerful tool for arthritis management, even in chilly conditions. Why staying active during winter months is beneficial for managing arthritis pain:     Don’t let the cold weather deter you from managing your arthritis pain through exercise. Regular, [...]

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Physical Therapy Helps Adults Move & Feel Better


Physical Therapy Helps Adults Move & Feel Better -Article shared from HTS Monthly Newsletter, September 2023   As people grow older, the desire to move comfortably and live independently remains important. Physical therapy offers a specialized solution to help older adults move better, stay active, and enjoy a fulfilling life.   Here Are Some Ways Physical Therapy Can Help Enhance Mobility: The core of physical therapy lies in maximizing movement and functionality to help adults move around safely and perform everyday tasks with ease. Alleviate Pain: Many conditions can lead to discomfort and pain. Physical therapists provide [...]

Physical Therapy Helps Adults Move & Feel Better2023-10-16T13:46:51-05:00

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