To provide the highest quality of individualized service to all, with dignity and respect, and in gratitude for our faith-based heritage.



Where people live with joyful purpose.


Core Values

TOTFUL —Treyton Oak Towers Core Values
How we treat each other and how people experience our services, amenities and care are important to the function, integrity, and reputation of Treyton Oak Towers. TOTFUL is an acronym for our Core Values, which guide the ways we embody our mission and care for all who live and work at Treyton Oak Towers. The principles of TOTFUL grow out our deep
commitment to hospitality, individuality, community, gratitude and joy.


We remain dedicated to organizational and personal accountability and fairness as we make decisions and relate authentically with each other and the public.


We are committed to being a community that welcomes and respects people from all walks of life—every race, religion, belief, and culture—believing that our strength comes from our differences, not our similarities.


We are stronger, smarter, healthier, and happier when we focus on the positive, lift each other up, practice empathy, and work together for the good of our community.


We take pride in our community and strive for excellence in providing the highest quality in all we do—hospitality, services, programs, professionalism, leadership, and care—always.


We believe that every day holds opportunities to surprise and delight the people we serve —and the city we love.

Looking Forward

We know that the vitality of Treyton Oak Towers is dependent upon our courage to advance our mission with vision and innovation.

Why Us?


Open, friendly, family-like environment

Wellness-Enriched Lifestyle

Designed around lifelong learning, enriching experiences, holistic wellness, and healthy living

Exceptional Value

Amenities, choice, and care that are sensibly priced to help
you thrive

Exceeding Expectations

Personal and customized hospitality that surprises, delights, and offers peace of mind

Continued Purpose

Opportunities that encourage all to reach their full potential in a community that still needs them

Enduring Excellence

Services, leadership, and operations that uphold a valued reputation for quality, tradition, faith, and heritage