Treyton Oak Towers Foundation

Established in 2009, the mission of the Treyton Oak Towers Foundation is to raise, invest, and distribute charitable resources to support the care and enhance the lives of our residents who are facing financial difficulties, and to support special projects designed to improve our community.

The resources we give are as varied as the donors who make contributions. You could be motivated by a desire to help a neighbor in need. You might show your support for a special project or essential service program that would not be possible without financial contributions. Or you could see a gift, or including Treyton Oak Towers Foundation in your estate plans as a way to acknowledge and show appreciation for the outstanding service and care you receive on a daily basis.

The Treyton Oak Towers Foundation offers residents, residents’ family members and friends an opportunity to leave a legacy that improves and enriches the lives of others in our community for years to come. We invite you to explore various ways you might support the Foundation with a charitable contribution or bequest.

Your Support Makes It Possible

As with any nonprofit organization there are many needs. There are a variety of programs and projects your charitable support can help make possible. We can help you find the one that best fits with your interests and goals for supporting our community.

Resident Support Fund

Provides for the care of those residents who have exhausted their financial resources. Treyton Oak Towers wants to make every effort to ensure that no one has to leave due to economic circumstances. In the past three years, Treyton Oak Towers has provided over $800,000 worth of charitable care and support to our residents.

General Fund

As the name implies this fund supports the general needs of Treyton Oak Towers and the greatest areas of need as identified by residents, staff, and the Board members of the Foundation.

Planned Giving

A bequest is the simplest and most common planned gift made through one’s will. You can bequeath a set amount, or a percentage of your residual estate. A simple codicil added to your will, with advice from your legal counsel, will suffice without having to draw up a new will. Suggested language could be as simple as:“I bequeath to Treyton Oak Towers Foundation, a not-for-profit organization in Louisville, Kentucky, the sum of $__________ to be used to support and enhance the lives of residents living at Treyton Oak Towers.”

For more information or to make a contribution please contact Jim Grady at or call 502-589-3211. Treyton Oak Towers Foundation is 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, which allows to be tax deductible.