Feel Your Best at Treyton Oak Towers

Mind, Body & Spirit


Aging well isn’t just about the body; it is also about the mind and spirit. Staying active, connecting with others, and staying emotionally centered are ways to make aging a positive experience.

We offer a wide range of opportunities and features to ensure our residents’ minds, bodies, and spirits are enriched. We employ a full-time wellness coordinator who keeps a full calendar of classes and other opportunities available for our residents.

Massage bed


Wellness Classes


Wellness classes are offered here at Treyton Oak Towers five days a week, with enough variety that virtually any resident can find something that suits their interests, activity-level, and temperament.

A range of classes is offered, from relaxing to invigorating, and everything in between. Classes typically range from 20-45 minutes in length.

Below are some of the classes we offer:

  • Yoga
  • Flexercise
  • Aqua Therapy*
  • Tai Chi
  • Relaxation classes
  • Rock Steady Boxing

…and many more!

Residents are encouraged to bring family members and friends who visit them to any and all wellness classes.

* Hosted nearby at the Kay & Jim Morrissey Pool at the Home of the Innocents

Workout room with dumbbells, mat, exercise ball and bike

Gardens, Vistas… and Turtles, too!


Another way Treyton Oak Towers helps nourish the mind and spirit is by surrounding residents with nature, even in the midst of downtown. We have created a city block length of gardens for our residents.

Our formal garden has a tiered fountain, where residents are able to enjoy alfresco dining. Our courtyard garden features a babbling brook and a family of box turtles. The Oak Street garden is lush and features a walking path, while the fourth garden has a reflecting pool.

Meanwhile, our rooftop patio provides both a full greenhouse and breathtaking views of Downtown Louisville to the north, Central Park to the west and Iroquois Park and the University of Louisville to the south.


Meet Wanda


Wanda Morrow is our full-time wellness coordinator. She has dedicated her career to helping older adults be their best physical, emotional, and intellectual selves.