The Art of Living

Research shows that regular, engaging arts programs offer many positive benefits for seniors. That’s why the calendar at Treyton Oak Towers is always filled with arts programs and opportunities for our residents.


The Arts Are Backed By Science

In 2001, the National Endowment for the Arts conducted the Creativity and Aging Study to measure the impact of arts and cultural programs on the general and mental health and social activities of those age 65 and older. The results were striking. Seniors involved in regular arts programs reported better health, fewer doctor visits, less medication usage, more positive responses on mental health measures, and more involvement in overall activities.

The NEA study concluded that arts programs for seniors like those provided to residents of Treyton Oak Towers offer powerful, positive effects, including:

  • True health promotion and disease prevention effects


  • Stabilization and increase in community-based activities


  • A positive impact on maintaining independence and on reducing dependency


  • Reduction in the risk factors that drive the need for long-term care

The Perfect Home for the Art Enthusiasts


Since our founding over 30 years ago, Treyton Oak Towers has been home to both artists and arts enthusiasts. Residents enjoy access to our own fine art studio, and beautiful paintings and other works created by our own artists fill our halls and gallery. We’re also blessed with an abundance of musical talent at Treyton Oak Towers, which can be heard everywhere from an impromptu performance around the piano to a full-blown variety show.

We regularly host a wide variety of musical performances and guest lectures in our Oak Room. In addition, our close proximity to downtown allows our residents to enjoy outings to local art galleries and performing arts events.

In fact, Treyton Oak Towers is the pilot participant and the only retirement community to partner with The Fund for the Arts as a supporting sponsor for “Arts in Healthcare,” which aims to bring arts and cultural events to retirement facilities in the Louisville area. Treyton Oaks Towers first saw the transformative powers of the arts when they began sponsoring the Louisville Orchestra’s Coffee Concert Series and taking their residents to these performances.


Since forming their partnership with Fund for the Arts, Treyton Oak Towers has expanded its program to bring more arts programs into its community. In addition to the Louisville Orchestra’s Coffee Concert Series, we sponsor the Louisville Ballet, the Kentucky Opera and the Chamber Music Society of Louisville, with guest speakers and performers from those organizations, local schools and other performing arts groups visiting us to share their time and talents with our residents.

According to Rhonda Harding, Treyton Oak Towers’ Community Advisor, the program has a real impact on the Treyton Oak community. “We find the residents who are involved in the arts maintain their cognitive levels at a higher capacity and are able to socialize over something they have in common,” she said. “I also have seen firsthand how it improves lives. I’ve seen Alzheimer’s patients be unresponsive, but when they hear classical music, they become responsive. I love seeing what these programs do for all those who make their home at Treyton Oak Towers, and for the community as a whole. I can’t think of a better way to bring joy to this generation.”