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I’ll walk you through the benefits of our pre-redevelopment pricing, introduce you to our welcoming community and life-enriching amenities, and show you why Treyton Oak Towers is the place where people live with joyful purpose.

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Rhonda Harding | Director of Sales and Marketing

Rhonda Harding

New pricing for a limited time.

We are excited to offer NEW Pre-Redevelopment Pricing at Treyton Oak Towers! This new pricing reflects a savings of $10,000, $15,000, or $20,000 on the Independent Living Entrance Fee (depending on the size of the residence).

Plus we are waiving the Second Person Entrance Fee.

While we plan for innovations and re-development that will redefine senior living in the heart of historic Louisville, we invite you to take advantage of our special pricing, while it lasts.

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