What Is Independent Living?

One Of Our Most Common Questions

Here at Treyton Oak Towers, we offer a full “continuum of care” from fully Independent Senior Living to Personal Care to Skilled Nursing Services.

A common question is “What is Senior Independent Living at Treyton Oak Towers?” We can gladly answer that for you!

Living to the Fullest

Retirement is a time to enjoy life to the fullest. For many people, that means setting aside all the duties and responsibilities that come with maintaining a home, and spending time simply enjoying all life has to offer. Treyton Oak Towers’ Independent Senior Living offers apartment living that provides all the comfort you need to feel truly at home, without the daily demands and worries of a house and yard.

Our Independent Living allows you to choose from 13 different one- or two-bedroom plans, all available with wall-to-wall flooring, window treatments and completely equipped kitchens. Our comfortable apartments allow residents to find the perfect balance between vibrant community life and a high degree of privacy.

Everyone’s needs change as the years go by, and this can be especially true during retirement years. Treyton Oak Towers is designed specifically to meet those changing needs, so you can continue to live in the same warm, caring environment, regardless of how your circumstances may change.

Because we provide what is known as a continuum of care, Personal Care and Skilled Nursing Care will always be available should the need arise in the future. Our staff assist in making certain you’re receiving an appropriate level of care.


What’s the difference between Independent Senior Living and “Personal Care”?

Independent Living is just as the name implies – fully independent living, with all of the amenities and activities that Treyton Oak Towers provides.

Personal Care is similar to Independent Living at Treyton Oak Towers, though Personal Care residents require more assistance from staff with daily activities.

Our Personal Care offers around-the-clock support from a staff dedicated to your comfort and care – whether you need a hand getting out of the shower, help with medications or some assistance getting dressed.

Choosing between Independent Living and “Personal Care”

Independent Living is similar to Personal Care – even with the same living space and floor models. However, independent living residents at Treyton Oak Towers are typically able to perform everyday tasks without assistance.

For all levels of care, we offer lunch and dinner, served daily in our gorgeous Fleur de Lis dining room, and twice-monthly house cleaning services – in addition to many other amenities. Spend your time simply enjoying all life has to offer!

For those who require a little help with their daily living activities, Treyton Oak Towers offers outstanding licensed personal care in independent living style apartments.

Do you have questions?

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