Common Misconceptions About Continuing Care Retirement Communities

There are many myths to debunk.

Posted by Treyton Oak Towers on February 28, 2022

Over the years, there has been a belief rooted deep in tradition; the nursing home. Yes indeed, the institutionalized, suffocated feeling of being trapped behind locked doors everywhere you go, laden with wheelchairs and hospital beds in all directions. This idea likely sounds dreadful to many people, and with good reason! But we have really good news for you…

This belief could not be further from the truth! Modernized senior living facilities, or CCRCs (Continuing Care Retirement Communities), are dedicated to providing a wonderfully pleasant and independent environment that is custom-fitted for the needs and wants of the adults who live in their community. We want all of our community to be able to live their most fruitful and exciting lives, and really get the most out of the amazing quality of life a CCRC can offer them.

Let’s take a look at some common misconceptions:

  • Life in a CCRC is really, really boring. The truth is, there are always events and activities taking place in a CCRC. The opportunities you will have to make new friends and learn new things is never-ending. Not only can you depend on activities inside your community, but you can plan excursions with transportation provided! Go on trips to museums, art exhibits, fancy restaurants, enjoy nature at the park, or go enjoy a baseball game together! There really are no limits to what is possible in a Continuing Care Retirement Community.

  • It’s so much more expensive than just staying home! The quality of life improvements you’ll receive at a CCRC so vastly outweigh the tedious responsibilities involved in managing all of your needs outside of the community. Immediate accessibility to a caring staff, being in close reach of everything you need only a phone call away, and the wonderful social aspects of being in a CCRC are just a few of the excellent quality of life improvements you’ll receive–a much more convenient and all-encompassing solution. In terms of cost, this will all be comparable or even less than remaining in your home.

  • It’s a last resort, and I’m not ready. Waiting too long to research a CCRC could turn into a situation where you’re no longer in control to make the decision about where you’re going to live. It’s important that you get to make that choice. We want to make sure that you can continue living a happy, healthy independent lifestyle doing the things you love doing at home, but we also want to guarantee you peace of mind knowing that you’re within an arms reach of professional & courteous staff who can help you at every turn.

St. X brothers

–  St. X Brothers enjoying Luau festivities in the Treyton Oak courtyard, Sept. 2021

Most people who decide to live in a CCRC typically do not have regrets about their move. Mather Institute did an Age Well Study that can be accessed here. This study contained valuable information that has shown over a period of several years the positive effects of CCRCs on senior living. These effects range from social relationships, to stress & coping strategies, and to residents’ personal characteristics and self-esteem.

We at Treyton Oak Towers strongly believe that the Continuing Care Retirement Community is a fantastic way to enrich the lives of residents, and to encourage them to live the best chapter their life has to offer.

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