COVID-19: Moving Forward

The way ahead of COVID-19 is just within reach.

Happy February! We’ve got some updates for you, along with a video representation of what the last few weeks have been looking like here at the building.

Many successful vaccinations and many happy residents & staff.

On January 16th, Treyton Oak Towers was able to acquire the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to administer to all of its residents and staff. The vaccination procedure was a wonderful success, and many of us were elated to receive it! We are now one step closer to a COVID-free environment, and committed to safety and good health for the long haul.

  • Less danger of COVID spreading – More vaccination helps create a state of herd immunity

  • Better progress on a countrywide level – Herd vaccination will hopefully lead to less mandates such as full-mask & social distancing policies

  • Loved ones will be safe – Far less risk of exposure to being seriously ill when vaccinated

We’ve provided a video for you to watch directly on our website, check that out right here:


We receive our second vaccinations on February 6th and we are looking forward to it! We hope everyone is getting the vaccination as soon as possible and hope to see a speedy recovery all across the country.

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