Staying Healthy and Active

A resident whose strength and range of comfortable motion has been impaired by a stroke, arthritis or other conditions — or simply by age — can receive physical therapy (PT) right here at Treyton Oak Towers to increase flexibility, restore comfortable movement, and improve independence.

We review the most recent medical history, test strength, balance, range of motion and more, and determine the potential for restoration and rehabilitation.

A treatment plan is then developed, which may include regular work in our fitness center, massage therapy and more. This may even encompass aquatic therapy, which is ideal for certain types of conditions. It may also include the use of adaptive devices like crutches, walkers or wheelchairs as appropriate.

Our goal is to help the patient see progress and regain those functions which may have been lost or impaired in a safe and secure environment where their emotional needs are given the same attention as their physical situation.

If you have questions about our physical therapy services, staff of therapists, or would like to see our facilities in person, please contact below for any questions or to schedule a visit. We can’t wait to hear from you!