Maintain Flexibility with Aging

-Article shared from HTS Monthly Newsletter, May 2022

As a kid, touching your toes was a piece of cake. For older adults, being agile becomes more challenging and is due to a loss of flexibility as our bodies age. Flexibility allows us to move our bodies and joints freely and with ease. Maintaining your flexibility is important in order to function normally and complete daily living tasks such as putting on your socks and shoes, getting dressed, and household chores like cleaning and picking up items off the floor.

The good news is you can improve your flexibility at any age. Try these gentle stretches each morning to reduce pain and stiffness and help you move comfortably throughout the day.



Therapy Can Help Adults Stay Active & Independent

Physical therapists can teach you how to exercise appropriately for joint mobility, flexibility, strength and fitness. Occupational therapists help older adults to safely do the things they want to do, stay active and live well despite limitations. Talk to your doctor today about the benefits of physical and occupational therapy!

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