New Beginnings for the Ryken House Community

Article written by Josh Kinney at Xaverian Brothers on April 22, 2021

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A new chapter has begun for the Brothers of the Ryken House community in Louisville, KY. Treyton Oak Towers, a senior living community in the heart of the city, will serve as the new home for the Brothers as the moving process begins this Spring.

“Ryken House served us well these 40 years,” said Brother Cornelius Hubbuch, C.F.X., whose leadership helped establish the renovated Brothers residence on the campus of St. Xavier High School in 1981. “Many Brothers have been cared for and blessed by Brothers who, over these years, have agreed to be the director of Ryken House. Although not formerly trained for ministry to the elderly, they fraternally served the Brothers, and we owe them much gratitude for their selfless service.”

Words from the Xaverian Brothers

Brothers Peter Campbell, Gery Rooney, and Borgia Brigandi also helped in the establishment of Ryken House. Like Xaverian House in Danvers, MA, Ryken House provided a place for community support, encouragement, medical care and a myriad of opportunities and ministries for the Brothers to continue volunteering in service to the larger community and one another, based on one’s ability.

“I have been blessed to live here for the last two years,” said Brother Kenney Gorman. “This has been a wonderful community of Brothers encouraging and supporting one another.”

Ryken House Director, Brother Peter Campbell, C.F.X., and medical support, Nancy Zeman, RN, have provided excellent care and supervision to assist the Brothers to live healthy and embrace life positively.

Ministries both old and new will continue at the new facilities at Treyton Oak, which provides a continuum of care and will avoid further moves when a higher level of nursing care is needed. The community is described as warm, tight-knit and welcoming. The towers are located ten minutes from St. Xavier High School near the old St. Xavier’s Broadway site in downtown Louisville and boasts sweeping views of the city skyline. There are a wide range of activities unavailable at Ryken House.

“Our senior Brothers will continue to receive good care and live the Xaverian mission in the name of the Gospel,” said General Superior, Brother Daniel Skala, C.F.X.

The Brothers kindly ask for prayers as they undertake this new initiative.

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