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Hospitality. Wellness. Purpose. Joy.

What do we do at Treyton Oak Towers?

We provide the highest quality of individualized service to all, with dignity and respect, in gratitude for our faith-based heritage.

“Our mission is to plan so that you don’t have to.”

– Rhonda Harding, Director of Sales & Marketing

From top to bottom, Treyton Oak Towers provides energizing experiences for an exceptional retirement lifestyle throughout every level of care. With floor plans to match your living needs and personal style, you can customize your apartment home as you please, to make Treyton Oak Towers your own.

Established in 1984, our wellness- and hospitality-inspired senior living community is driven by compassionate and genuine relationships between residents and staff. This sets a high standard of quality and class as we respond to your expectations with every milestone we accomplish.

A Continuum of Care for Everyone

As a non-profit Life Plan Community, you have peace of mind knowing that your independent lifestyle is our priority and that you have access to Assisted Living, Memory Care, Rehab, and Skilled Nursing when, and if, you should ever need it.

  • Hospitality-inspired – Class and quality with a genuine, down-to-earth approach to your retirement lifestyle and needs.
  • Old Louisville heritage – In one of the most historic cities in America, we are proud to be a designated neighborhood that contributes to the historic Old Louisville culture.

  • Relationship driven – Friends and community are a hallmark of Treyton Oak Towers, where the bond between residents and staff is an extension of your family.

We can’t wait to show you what makes Treyton Oak Towers so special. Please give us a call or e-mail us through our contact form, here.

Our Levels of Care Include:

Retirement is a time to enjoy life to the fullest. For many people, that means setting aside all the duties and responsibilities that come with maintaining a home, and spending time simply enjoying all life has to offer. Treyton Oak Towers’ Independent Senior Living offers apartment living that provides all the comfort you need to feel truly at home, without the daily demands and worries of a house and yard.

For those who require a little help with their daily living activities, Treyton Oak Towers offers outstanding licensed personal care in our “assisted living”-style apartments.

Whether you need a hand getting out of the shower, help with medications or some assistance getting dressed, we offer around-the-clock support from a staff that is dedicated to your comfort and care.

Rehabilitation at Treyton Oak Towers is focused on helping people recover sooner. We have an advanced healthcare method in short-stay rehabilitation after a hospital stay as well as outpatient therapy for our campus residents. Our highly skilled team of licensed physical, occupational and speech therapists are fully committed to restoring and improving your quality of life.

You are in good hands should you ever need to recover from an acute episode requiring hospitalization. As part of our continuum of care, we provide a wide range of skilled services including 24-hour nursing care. Speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy are available as well as other services your doctor may order. For today and tomorrow, the Treyton Oak Towers tradition makes this community the right home for you or for someone you love.

Our Memory Care has been developed to preserve these facets of a person’s life and to encourage a safe space for residents experiencing memory issues such as Dementia & Alzheimer’s. 24-hour care from our devoted staff, a strong activities regimen to keep residents involved and active, as well as medicine management and daily hygienic care.

Activity Calendars at Treyton Oak Towers

Curious to see all the choices you will have in our community? Check out all of our calendars to get a first-hand view of what daily life looks like for residents at Treyton Oak.

Independent Living

Personal Care
& Memory Care

Skilled Nursing
& Rehabilitation

“They made us feel special from the very first moment. The TOT staff knew our names almost immediately which was unique.”

Joyce & Bob Van Bruggen, Residents

“Everyone at Treyton Oak Towers treats each other with respect and dignity, and we continue to talk and learn from each other’s experiences. At dinnertime, we all sit down and eat together.”

Irene Spicer, Resident

“I loved the warm friendly atmosphere when I entered Treyton Oak Towers for the first time… there was Ray welcoming me! Don’t wait too long to enter senior living; there are so many activities to be a part of and so many new friends to make.”

Margaret Young, Resident

“I am pleased that I can keep my Coffee Concert Subscription because transportation is provided to these Louisville Orchestra Concerts.”

Polly Johnson, Resident

“Treyton Oak Towers is halfway between Downtown and the University of Louisville. This makes life enhancement and lifetime learning convenient. A fine variety of in-house activities and having everything available in one building encourages a wonderful collegiality among residents. It has been just the right ticket for me.”

Dr. Acton Ostling, Resident




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Retirement living with joy and purpose since 1984. Come join us in our legacy.

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